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Introducing the Go Bay’nanas Birthday Club!

Are you ready to make your child’s next birthday celebration an educational and delicious experience? Join our Birthday Club to unlock fantastic benefits for your child’s special day:

10% Off Your First Birthday Package: As a Birthday Club member, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on your first Go Bay’nanas birthday package. We’re here to make your child’s celebration unforgettable! Mention code “GBBirthday10”

Referral Rewards: Refer friends to Go Bay’nanas, and when they book a birthday party, both you and your friends will receive a $5 gift card. Use it to purchase a kids’ book from a local bookstore of your choice.

Go Bay’nanas will provide:

1. Personalized Cooking Party: Celebrate your child’s special day with a unique cooking and baking party led by Chef Bay. Your child and their friends will get to cook, bake, and decorate their own delicious treats.

2. Customized Menu: Choose from a variety of kid-friendly recipes for your child’s birthday party. We cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring everyone is accommodated and has a good time.

3. Special Birthday Surprise: Your child will receive a special birthday gift from Go Bay’nanas, adding an extra layer of excitement to their day.

4. Priority Booking: Secure your preferred date and time for your child’s birthday party before they fill up.

5. Special Guest from Banana Girl: You never know who might drop by to make your child’s day extra special!

Don’t miss out on the chance to create a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration that your child and their friends will enjoy. Contact us today to join the Go Bay’nanas Birthday Club and give your child an educational birthday experience! 

Go Bay’nanas is more than just a banana-inspired dessert business; we’re on a mission to improve early education through engaging kid cooking and literacy classes. Our focus is on children from Pre-K to 1st grade, recognizing the importance of building a strong foundation for learning while making it fun and accessible. We believe that learning practical skills can be fun, and we’re here to prepare young minds with the tools they need for a successful future. Through our hands-on classes, we not only enhance reading skills but also foster creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking. Join us in making learning and cooking a piece of cake for kids in Pre-K to 1st grade!