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Go Bay’nanas’ Pilot In-Home Cooking and Literacy Classes

For the past year and a half, Go Bay’nanas has been hosting kid cooking and literacy classes in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Recently, during conversations with parents, we’ve gained valuable insights into their needs and the challenges they face in implementing education at home. The primary concerns are time constraints and aligning educational activities with their children’s individual needs. That’s where Go Bay’nanas steps in with our pilot program for in-home cooking and literacy classes.

Our goals for this pilot is to:

  1. Improve literacy over a month.
  2. Provide parents with a breather at the end of their day.
  3. Create a fun and engaging in-home cooking and learning experience through our custom cooking and literacy boxes. [If you prefer, just the box, please email our team at

Program Dates: February 12th to March 12th

Pricing Information: For the entire month, the cost will be $250 for one child, or $400 for two children. Book by February 1st, and you’ll receive a 20% discount.

We are committed to ensuring parents’ peace of mind regarding safety. Our measures include conducting background checks, following food and safety standards, maintaining hygiene standards, and implementing any necessary COVID-19 precautions.

For more information, please contact us at

The class will consist of two hours of activities which include a custom curriculum tailored to what the children are learning in school, one food or dessert project per week, homework assistance, and practical skill development.